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Facebook Read Receipts for Dating:  Why Is My Message  Showing Seen and Read With No Response?

Facebook does not provide a built-in read-receipt feature for regular messages. This means that you cannot see if your message has been seen or read by the recipient on Facebook Messenger.

However, keep in mind that features and functionalities on social media platforms can change over time. Facebook may have introduced new features or settings since my last update. I recommend checking the most recent information or the settings within the Facebook Messenger app for any changes regarding read receipts.

If you’re specifically interested in dating-related features, some dating apps may have their own read receipt features or other indicators to show when a message has been read. Always refer to the specific app’s documentation or settings for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

 Why Is My Message  Showing Seen and Read With No Response?

If your message on Facebook is marked as “seen” or “read,” but you haven’t received a response, there could be various reasons for this behavior. Here are some possibilities:

Busy Schedule: The person might be busy and hasn’t had the time to respond yet. People have different schedules, and they may not always be able to reply immediately.

Unsure How to Respond: Sometimes, individuals may read a message and feel unsure about how to respond. They might need more time to think or formulate a reply.

Not Interested: Unfortunately, the person may have seen your message and decided not to respond. This could be due to various reasons, such as lack of interest or other personal factors.

Technical Issues: There might be technical issues on their end, preventing them from sending a reply. This could include problems with their internet connection or the Messenger app.

Privacy Settings: It’s also possible that the person has adjusted their privacy settings to prevent read receipts from being sent. In this case, you may see the message marked as “seen” without them having read it.

Change in Relationship Status: If the person was initially interested but their feelings have changed, they may choose not to respond.

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Remember that people have different communication styles and preferences, and not everyone may respond in the same way or time frame. If you’re concerned or curious, consider sending a polite follow-up message to check in or express your continued interest. However, it’s essential to respect their boundaries and be understanding of their circumstances.

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