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Facebook Dating Matchmaker – How To Bring A Shy Guy Out of His Shell on FB Dating App.

Having to be in relationship with a shy guy or going on date with a shy can really be awkward at times. Having to sit in total silence of boring conversations, a whole lot of unpleasant experience. The good thing is that there’s a way out.

 One to help a shy guy express himself is meeting him where he can freely express himself. For instance you won’t expect him to express himself where your friends are, except he has acquaintance with them.

According to Diana Kirschner, Ph.D., a recurring guest psychologist on “The Today Show” and author of “Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love”, you’ll always have to take the lead in conversations, that were he becomes comfortable and willing to express himself easily.

 In my opinion, you’ll have to learn how to deal with introverts and learn not to compare them with others to make them open up  freely.  Again, research by Kirschiner says the following hints should be done to encourage  you to enjoy his extrovert side.

How To Bring A Shy Guy Out of His Shell on FB Dating App.

 See him when he is in his element

When you meet  a shy guy in his own space, you make him comfortable and self confident. Hence, he can express himself verbally and emotionally. To get a better and interesting part of him meet him in a safe space were he feels free. Encourage him and support him always.

Call him by his name or give him a complimentary nickname

To make them more relaxed you can choose to call them  by their names or better  still give them a  cute nickname. This helps build the bond between you two. It also establish an initmacy between you both and makes him feel important / special.

Ask open-ended questions

Asking meaningful own ended questions gives room for great conversation, even if he’s quite he’ll be pushed to establish a great conversation with you. Try as much as you can not to make your question sound like he’s being interviewed.

Play the damsel in (slight) distress

According to research men are naturally wired to help out.  So intentionally ask for his help in some things, even though it’s very little, this create avenue for them to own up to you. Also,  use that opportunity to ask questions about himself and anything you find interesting. According to research, men are likely to share valuable information with you during this period.

 Compliment him

Every man loves to be complimented, this helps with their self esteem and he tends to see himself in a positive way. Let the compliment come from your heart and not because you need to say something to make him happy. Pick some few things you like about him and say it with sincerity.

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Find something you have in common

You might have to be the  one to make the first of getting to know each other with things of  similar interest.  You can easily start with his hobbies and things he does for fun. Initiate to do these things together which will help build a bond between you two.


With the following tips you should be able to build a connection between and thereby building a space for love to grow. Being shy is not a problem, just knowing how to work around it will bring positive results.

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