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In a world that lives and succeeds by the proceeds of technology, there couldn’t have been a better time for tech blogs in Nigeria to rise up to relevance in the course of providing sustainable solutions to the many challenges facing the jet-age citizens this side of Africa.

These blogs have been nothing short of awesome in the role they play to the over 108 million internet users in Nigeria.

Whether you’re seeking answers, finding the latest tech trends, or trying to start up your own enterprise in this line of duty, these blogs are the best shot at getting it right.

The 40 Best Tech Blogs in Nigeria You Should Read in 2023

  1. Techpoint Africa
  2. TechCabal
  4. NaijaTechGuide
  6. TechCity
  7. Ogbonge Blog
  8. Disrupt Africa
  9. Phone Corridor
  10. VC4A
  11. Doncaprio
  12. Android Nigeria
  13. Miss Techy Blog
  14. TechRez
  15. OscarMini
  16. Innovation Village
  17. MobiltyArena
  18. Bestmobs
  19. Techviews
  27. TechParagon
  28. NaijaKnowHow
  29. NaijaAndroidArena
  31. NairaTechnology
  32. Techibytes
  33. Techslize
  34. Ngbuzz
  35. Smepeaks
  36. NaijNaira
  37. MokoWeb
  38. Data Plan Bundle
  39. Inforisticblog
  40. Telcoinsider
  1. Techpoint Africa

Techpoint Africa stands in the frontline of leading tech blogs in Nigeria. They are committed to ensuring that startups are able to stand on their own and lead a successful career. Techpoint is also focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed. They take the lead when it comes to innovation and technology in Africa.

  1. TechCabal

TechCabal is a subsidiary of the Big Cabal Media brand. It was founded in 2013 and has since proved its mettle with contemporaries as a hot shot when it comes to technology. You’ll find premium tech content at TechCabal that’s not just addressing important tech arguments but also taking a peek at the future.


Technext – Documenting African Tech Stories that Matter Today keeps Nigeria and indeed Africa updated on the latest happenings in the world of technology as well as groundbreaking innovations and frontiers around Africa. If you like to stay on top on of what’s new in science and technology then this is your place. They also carry out reviews on tech gadgets and brands.


  1. NaijaTechGuide

This is one of the most prominent tech blogs in Nigeria that provides tech solutions to the myriad of problems users face every day, carry out reviews on mobile brands, dishes out no-brainer tricks and tips that makes tech a lot easier and keeps the Nigerian E-community updated on latest tech trends and gists.


Never go to buy a tech gadget, be it a phone, tablet, phablet, television, home and kitchen appliances or laptop without consulting SpecsPriceNigeria. They give detailed specifications of gadgets and electronics including their pros, cons, and prices. If you don’t trust the sweet talkers at the tech market, then you have to visit SpecsPriceNigeria first.

  1. TechCity

Tech News, Product Reviews, How tos

TechCity is the home of tech news, business news, tech reviews and a place where you can learn a lot with their “how to” articles dedicated to teaching people how to do things themselves when it comes to the internet, social media, YouTube and many more. It’s a place to broaden your tech horizon.

  1. Ogbonge Blog

Ogbonge Blog has been around for quite a while and is a foremost tech blog in the Nigerian digital space. The blog focuses on providing solutions to tech problems, supplying digital marketing tips, blogging tips and top ways of making money online. They help startups with publicity through adverts.

  1. Disrupt Africa


Disrupt Africa is one of the most prodigious tech blogs in Africa that is centered on tech startups and investment. They cover tech news, trends, hubs and events in the entire African continent. They pride themselves as the number one startup hub in Africa with so much to offer.

  1. Phone Corridor

At Phone Corridor, your guess is so right. It’s all about mobile phones and everything that borders around the said phones like apps and games for it. They are specialists when it comes to reviewing phones and recommending the best phones for a particular price. They also give free tutorials on phone issues.

  1. VC4A

VC4A is another tech blog famous in the startup niche. They have an online platform for 900 organizers of startup events and programs and another online platform for over 12,000 startups. They connect these startups to huge prospects and opportunities. They have a partnership with the World Bank and other global financial bodies.

  1. Doncaprio

When it comes to tech gadget reviews, gaming, computer operating systems, mobile phones, and their operating system then Doncaprio is the one-stop destination for finding content that will help you optimize the usage of the aforementioned. There are assorted tips and Do-It-Yourself guides (DIY) on tech and allied matters.

  1. Android Nigeria

This is the android online place in Nigeria. Everything at Android Nigeria is about android or related to Android. However, they also cover tech news and trends. Want to know what’s latest in the Android world or get the best reviews on android mobiles? Then this is your premier destination.

  1. Miss Techy Blog

Miss Techy blog was founded in 2015 and is Nigeria’s premier female tech blog. You can find numerous reviews on tech gadgets at Miss Techy as well as “how to” tech articles to help you do things yourself easily. A column is dedicated to celebrating rising female stars in the tech world.

  1. TechRez

TechRez was founded with the goal of infusing technology and entrepreneurship in the DNA of Nigerian youths. TechRez is focused on providing science and tech news, gadget reviews, smartphone reviews, gaming tips and reviews, apps reviews, helping startups rise and entrepreneurs get on the right footing to achieve big.

  1. OscarMini

Oscarmini – Quality Tech & Info Arena

If you been an ardent researcher or solution seeker when it comes to technology in Nigeria, you must have seen OscarMini in your Google searches a number of times. They provide reviews on all kinds of mobiles and gadgets. They also have relevant content on computers, DIY, travel and lifestyle.

  1. Innovation Village


Innovation Village is more of a news blog but a tech-inclined one. They strife to project new technologies, trending businesses, the latest products and services in the tech world to the Nigerian audience. They also help startups stay afloat by featuring them in their blog and offering other helpful services to them.

  1. MobiltyArena

MobilityArena – Mobile Phone Reviews, Specs, Specifications, Prices

MobilityArena is dedicated to ensuring that smartphones users find the best mobile devices out there by giving unbiased reviews on the devices as well as recommending the best apps for these smartphones. They also give news on technological innovations and have a special section for Africa Rising Stories.

  1. Bestmobs

With Bestmobs, you are sure to get the best out of your mobile phone experience. They provide you with the latest news and reviews on all kinds of mobiles. Trending technological offerings that will help you optimize your smartphone are never in want there. They have a section for car talk too.

  1. Techviews

Techviews is one blog that’s unique in what they do. One visit to this site and you’ll notice the difference. They get rid of the confusion in your head about what tech gadget or smartphone to buy with their crackerjack reviews. They also provide reviews on kitchen and home appliances. There have shopping guides for you too.


CFA media is a foremost technology blog in Nigeria. The core of their existence is to share inspiring stories on how many Africans are making it in their startups and daily lives via the use of technology. A whole lot happens at CFA media from interviews, initiatives, training to tech trends, startups corner, tips, news and many more.


TechEconomy is a Nigerian site that focuses on the latest technology news, as well as business, finance, economy, and telecoms. They are torn between technology and the economy of Nigeria. They also do reviews on gadgets after unboxing them. It’s the best stop to stay updated an economist and technologists.


Don’t get swayed by their domain name. They aren’t just for “how to” articles, they provide reviews on smartphones, consistent news on the internet, telecom, banking, mobile phones, computers, apps and many more. In the midst of this news on the aforementioned, there are tips and tricks that will make things a lot easier for you and your gadgets.


For the latest news in the world of technology, interviews with tech gurus, events in the tech world, then ITEdgeNews is the virtual abode you’re looking for. It is a technology business magazine with a print edition in circulation monthly. They have won a couple of awards in Nigeria and across Africa.


This is one tech blog that offers premium tech content to consumers out there. They have a section where they discuss obituaries – failures of African startups. They inspire other startups to be even better. They offer gadget reviews, fresh news on technology, business news, and tips. Startups have their own section.


You can count on TechProducts for the trendiest African and Nigerian tech news any day. Among the many things the blog is known for are; smartphones and gadget reviews, news on tech events, startup tips and ideas, car products (news, reviews, and prices), mobile application news, reviews and many more.


Jaysciencetech is a tech blog that is rising to prominence fast as they continue to build a reputable tech blogging profile. All your “how to” articles about phones, information on the internet, business gadgets and general stuff can be found at Jaysciencetech. You’ll also find the best reviews and the most current information on technology there.

  1. TechParagon

TechParagon provides trending articles and news in insurance, foreign exchange, and telecoms. They give reviews on mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets. They have many articles on how to start different kinds of businesses in Nigeria. If you are looking at making money online, you can find such helpful articles there too.

  1. NaijaKnowHow

NaijaKnowHow is one online tech blog that provides knowledge on how to do a whole lot of things as far as phones, gadgets, computers and even most ubiquitous things around us are concerned. They help phone users with reviews, prices, and specifications to enable them to make careful decisions. All the latest tips and news on technology are found there.

  1. NaijaAndroidArena

NaijaAndroidArena is designated for android devices. They offer relevant tutorials, tips, reviews, tweaks and tricks on Android devices and tablets to help users get the best out of their devices. They also make comparisons and provide you with the best out of the tons of smartphones and tablets out there.


Mobilitaria is a premium tech blog in Nigeria centered on reviewing mobile phones and providing relevant information about them including their prices. They offer tips and tutorials on how to go around these devices and get what you want from them. They recommend useful apps and games to help you have a great mobile experience.

  1. NairaTechnology

Founded by Fouad Atitebi, NairaTechnology is your best bet when it comes to impeccable analysis of tech gadgets, smartphones and laptops with their pros and cons stripped bare for potential buyers to be aware of before getting involved. They also recommend reputable online stores where you can purchase these smart devices.

  1. Techibytes

Techibytes is a contemporary Nigerian tech blog that brings technological trends and innovations to the limelight. They educate their blog visitors and subscribers on how to handle some tech challenges themselves through their “How to articles”. Tech events and news are constantly being published at Techibytes. It’s an informative blog as far as science and technology are concerned.

  1. Techslize

Phones of diverse brands are dissected at Techslize in a transparent manner to afford visitors the opportunity to make informed choices on what to buy. Internet and data topics are brought to the fore at Techslize including best plans and tips to optimize their usage.  You can also download banking mobile apps at Techslize.

  1. Ngbuzz

Ngbuzz is a discussion forum that has so many threads/sections where everyone can input their ideas and findings. Technology is one of such threads and with many users proffering solutions to tech issues, you will surely find the answers you seek. Ngbuzz is a very popular online forum in Nigeria where users can interact and brainstorm.

  1. Smepeaks

Smepeaks focuses on small and medium scale enterprises. They chart courses to help these SME’s stay afloat and ultimately succeed. However, they provide tech news and valuable resources to help tech startups grow. If you want to stay on top of tech innovations, events, finance, and economy, then stop by at Smepeaks.

  1. NaijNaira


For all information about mobile phones, data plans, internet bundles, mobile banking, exchange rates, and general tech topics, come to Naijnaira and find them in their numbers. Phone specifications, their prices, and reviews are poured out on Naijnaira and you can’t go wrong with your choices if you are informed.

  1. MokoWeb

MokoWeb is a leading tech blog that mainly focuses on app reviews, game reviews, and digital marketing. In recent times, it has been the first site that comes to mind for people that are looking for the latest games, apps, and digital tools. MokoWeb also delivers updates on telecommunications and general tech guides. The website is nicely designed with a simple interface and easy navigation.

  1. Data Plan Bundle

The main subject at Data Plan Bundle is a data plan. And so this tech blog has its locus on finding the right and best data plans across all networks to provide to their visitors and users. They compare data plans from network to network and offer the best choices to subscribers.

  1. Inforisticblog

This blog is an informative tech blog. They cover vital information on the following categories; android tips, internet settings, internet data plans, insurance, banking, and tech news. Everything the tech world has to offer is being spilled on Inforisticblog including phone reviews, data recovery, games, cyber security and many more.

  1. Telcoinsider

Telcoinsider is the prime hub of data plans and internet bundles. They do the best data plan comparisons and find the most affordable rates out of them. All your subscription codes and tips to go unlimited with data can be found on Telcoinsider. You can find the best of product description on internet devices at Telcoinsider like modems and routers.


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