Step by step process of Instant Noodles Manufacturing

Homemade Noodles: Step by step process of Instant Noodles Manufacturing

Homemade Noodles: This article will go a long way to teach the steps to manufacture Noodles at home. Once you practice the steps correctly, you start it as a business within your locality. Noodle is a widely popular food item, with a distinct and delicious taste. However, the process that goes into making instant noodles is not that easy. In here, we will see the process of instant noodles manufacturing.

Step by Step process

  • Knead and Mix: As a first step, the wheat flour and water goes into the mixing machine in the noodles manufacturing process. Here, dough is kneaded with about 0.3 to 0.4kg water at a temperature of 20 to 30 degree Celsius, thus providing the dough with textiform tissue generating elastic feature for the noodles.
  • Creating noodle belt: Then the dough goes into two rotating rollers wherein two noodles belt is bought together as one belt, helping to distribute the noodles evenly. The dough is also left for a specific time to mature.
  • Rolling: With the help of pressing rollers, the 10mm thick noodles is flattened repeatedly using four rollers and finally becomes thin at 1mm thickness.
  • Slitter: To add to the noodles manufacturing process, these noodles is then put into the slitter, where with the help of roller blades these instant noodles are made even thinner and wavy.
  • Steamer: Then is the pregelatinization process in the steamer, where the instant noodles is steamed for one to five minutes.
  • Dipping bath: Then the steamed noodles are dipped in seasoning.
  • Feeder: Then it is cut as long as 40-70cm then moulded using a round- or square- shaped metal mould serving
  • Dehydration process: Most of the noodles are dehydrated either by oil frying or air drying, thus giving rise to fried or non-fried noodles. There are also the steamed noodles that are known as Raw-type instant noodles.
  • Cooler: Following the dehydration in the noodles manufacturing process, the noodles that are at 100 degree Celsius is cooled with air.
  • Check weight and detect metal: In case any metal is detected in the noodles or if the weight is beyond the preset range, the product is then discarded.
  • Packing: The ready instant noodles are then put into firm bags or containers as required along with the garnish and seasonings and then sealed with aluminium foils.

Noodles manufacturing at home

In the same way, noodles can also be made at home. For noodles manufacturing at home knead the dough with flour, eggs and water and then you can roll out the pasta or noodles with help of pasta machine or hand.

Step by step process of Instant Noodles Manufacturing

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