NYSC Best Secured State 2023/2024. NYSC best Paid State 2023

NYSC: Best State for NYSC Service Programme for batch A 2023

NYSC Best Secured State for Batch A, Batch B and Batch C PCMs 2023/2024-

According to the recent research on the best State to stay comfortably during the one year NYSC programme. In this article we will enlighten you on how to make a better choice during online registration for NYSC mobilization Programme.  The aimed of this piece of article is to guide you (the PCMs) during your choice of State. While it’s okay to rate some states as NYSC: Best State for National Youth Service 2023. There’s nothing like best or worst state, it all depends on your preference and what you make of it.

To rate states for National Youth Service in Nigeria, Let’s use the following criterion:

  • Security
  • Highest Paid States (allowance)
  • Job Opportunities
  • Hospitality

Selecting your preferred states in your application for NYSC mobilization is no guarantee you’ll be posted there because just as you opt for big and happening cities, so are others and those cities can’t accommodate everybody.

A) Best States For National Youth Service In 2023

  1. Lagos State (South west)
  2. Ogun State (South west)
  3. Osun State (South west)
  4. Enugu state (South East)
  5. Akwa Ibom (South south)
  6. Rivers state (South south)
  7. Cross River (South south)
  8. Plateau (North Central)
  9. Kano (North West)

B) Highest paying States for NYSC 2023


  1. Lagos state
  2. Taraba
  3. Jigawa
  4. Niger State
  5. Delta
  6. Abia
  7. Sokoto
  8. Ogun State
  9. Ekiti State
  10. Kano State

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NYSC Best Secured State for Batch A, Batch B and Batch C PCMs 2023/2024. NYSC best Paid State 2023


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